VIES Scholarships

VIES members and seminar attendees have established three scholarships through their donations:

  • VIES Leaders Entrance Award for students entering first year in the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science

  • EIC-CSSE Vancouver Island Award for graduates of Vancouver Island high schools entering second year or higher in engineering, 2 awards annually*, first award in 1987

  • Bonnie and Ken Putt Award for women students entering or continuing to second or third year engineering, first awarded in 2022

Please consider these scholarships in your charitable giving. Donations in any amount are welcome, UVic will provide a tax receipt. Your contributions will help the next generation succeed at a critical time in their careers.

The awards are $2000 each, with the number of awards depending on annual donations and income from the capital. The value of the endowments are approximately $30,000, $100,000 and $70,000 respectively. All three are earning income in professionally managed endowment accounts. Your donation will help increase the endowment capital in the VIES Leaders Entrance Award to our target of $50,000, so that we can offer one $2,000 award each year.

* Income from this fund has been supplemented annually by members’ donations to ensure $4,000 is available for two awards.