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3D Visualization - application to the Resource Extraction Industry

BIO: Christine specializes in marketing and strategic planning.  She went to university at Vancouver Island University and Mount Saint Vincent.  After university, she went on to work a wide variety of marketing and business development position.  She spent several years in Rwanda working with small firms there regarding their marketing planning.  She spent time in Calgary and Fort MacMurray doing marketing and planning work with several energy sector firms.  After moving back to the Victoria, she began working with LlamaZOO, an emerging technology company which is focused on assisting resource companies to effectively incorporate the collection and analysis of big data sets into finding and then exploiting major resource finds.          




LlamaZOO Interactive, a Victoria-founded technology company, is an award-winning virtual reality/augmented reality studio developing 3D education and communication software for enterprises to take your data and make it visual. LlamaZOO Interactive’s technology solutions liberate, fuse and visualize geospatial engineering and IIOT data into actionable Spatial Business Intelligence to help reduce costs, improve productivity and discover new opportunities.  Resource sector businesses often struggle with communicating to both their internal team and external partners. By clarifying and visualizing complex data, LlamaZOO helps businesses make better decisions more quickly.

They have many major international customers; e.g. Teck, Barrick, esri, GoldCorp, Amazon, IBM, Chevron and Microsoft.

To serve a variety of resource industries, LlamaZOO has developed a number of Data Visualization Solutions, including: MineLife, Clarity 3D, OCC 3D (Operational Command & Control) and TimberOps  For example, MineLifeVR is the world's most immersive mine planning tool, powered by the most advanced technology.

At LlamaZOO everything is about helping clarify the complex to enable stakeholders to make meaningful and impactful decisions through visually stunning communication tools.  LlamaZOO's solutions bring clarity to complex 3D data. By combining and integrating large datasets into one centralized repository, LlamaZOO's visualization solutions make critical data easily accessible so that internal and external stakeholders make better and more timely decisions.

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Event Date 03-06-2020 11:30 am
Event End Date 03-06-2020 2:00 pm
Capacity 60
Individual Price $25
Oak Bay Recreation Centre
1975 Bee St, Victoria, BC V8R 5E6, Canada Victoria, BC V8R 5E6 Canada
Oak Bay Recreation Centre
$25 58

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